Dear Director,
Very glad to contact with you, this is Rebecca from CNBM, we are China State owned company, also listed in the global fortune 500 company.
Wish can recommend our flexitank to your company. This flexitank is new soft package used for storage and transport of non-hazardous liquid products which is made of 1~2layers PP with multi-layer PE.
It suitable for foodstuffs (wine, edible oil, fruit juice, beverage, food additive, coconut butter...), Industrial oil (Lubricants, bunricant addictive, base oil, transformer oil, white oil, glycerin...), Non-hazardous liquid chemicals (Plasticizers, water reducer, synthetic resins, detergent, glycols, emulsions...)
If you have the needs, feel free to contact with me, we can provide with high quality and competitive price, thanks a lot!


Best Regards,


Rebecca Ji
Packing Devision
CNBM International Corporation

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