Dear Director,
Very glad to contact with you, this is Rebecca from CNBM :)
We wish recommend our aluminum foil insulation container liner (CTL) to your company. It can protect temperature-sensitive items – prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals, wine, food and produce, and beer and beverages – from heat, cold and moisture.
During transport – by container, pallet, lorry, and box – your products are exposed to large temperature fluctuations. This is especially true when shipping internationally, where day to-night climate conditions fluctuate wildly.
Furthermore, there are other threats like water, mould, radiation, vermin and gases. All of these circumstances can have highly unpleasant consequences. Not only for the quality of the products delivered, but customer confidence can suffer as well.
Aluminum foil insulation container liner can realize the following function:
1,Thermal Insulation, keep warm, damp proof, heat, cold and moisture insulation.
2,Because there is a large temperature difference by sea, it can prolong the time for temperature rise and decrease to prevent the products to deteriorate by the hot and cold temperature.

Looking forward the cooperation, thanks!
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Rebecca Ji
Cold Chain Devision
CNBM International Corporation

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