Dear Director
This is Rebecca from CNBM (China National Building Material Group), it’s nice to contact with you. Our company CNBM, which is No.1 in the area of building material in China, also listed in the global fortune 500 company.
We are strong in the field of metallurgy, because we can supply the most requirements for the metallurgy, from row material to final products.
Contact to see the opportunity of cooperation with your esteemed company about the graphite electrodes. We are one of the biggest exporter of graphite electrodes of china, the plants that we cooperate with include Fangda, Dandong, Jilin y Basan. These 4 plants are the biggest in china.
Our support is very good, even in the year 2017, we insist in supplying to the clients with lower price and make sure their safe stock. Which good action wins good returns, till now, in the year 2018, we have exported almost 500 tons to south America and north America.
We sincerely invite you to join in our team of clients.
Looking forward your kindly feedback, thank you so much!

Best Regards,


Rebecca Ji
CNBM International Corporation

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