Dear Director,
Very glad to contact with you, this is Rebecca from CNBM (China National Building Material Group), we are the largest building material group in China, also listed in the global fortune 500 company. We already in the electric heating industry for more than 30 years, products been highly confirmed by our customers in international, and been strict tested.
Our factory mainly manufacture the Vacuum Cleaning Furnace, Electric Thermal Oil Heater, Drying Oven, Preheating Furnaces, TEG cleaning furnace, Air heater, Flange Heater. Our products are non standard, our designers will design the machine according your requirements. If you have any other question about the design, we will provide the reply to you.
Our products with the feature high-quality heat source, save energy and low operating costs, low equipment investment, safety, environment protection.
Sincerely wish can have some cooperation with your company, and any question just feel free to contact with me☺

Best Regards,

Rebecca Ji
CNBM International Corporation

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